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How are product burns treated in injection molding?


Depending on the cause of the burn, such as the mechanical, mold, or forming conditions, the solution may vary.

1) For mechanical reasons, for example, the material cylinder is overheated due to abnormal conditions, and the resin is decomposed at high temperature and injected into the product after burns; or stagnant flow of the resin is caused by the nozzle, screw thread, check valve and other parts in the material sheet, and the resin is brought into the product after decomposition and discoloration, and there are black and brown burn scars in the product.At this time, should clean the nozzle, screw and barrel.

2) The mold is mainly caused by poor exhaust.This burn usually occurs in a fixed place and is easily distinguished from the first condition.At this time should pay attention to take measures such as adding exhaust slot back exhaust rod.

3) In the forming condition, when the back pressure is above 300MPa, part of the barrel will overheat and cause burns.When the screw speed is too high, it will also produce overheating, generally in the range of 40 ~ 90r/min is better.Overheated gas burns can be caused if the injection speed is too high when there is no exhaust slot or when the exhaust slot is small.


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