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The following factors should be considered in the design of injection moulds

Mold and injection molding processing cost is a topic that every enterprise is very concerned about.Injection mold manufacturers must consider how to achieve low cost and high efficiency in the mold design process.The following factors should be considered in the design of injection moulds:

1. Injection molding cost

According to the size of the machine, the number of holes in each beer product determines the product ranking method and the number of holes.The more cavities produced, the lower the injection cost.Because in the injection molding process, cost accounting is calculated by the number of holes.

2. Product appearance

According to the product appearance requirements, determine the parting surface.Parting surface position should be conducive to mold processing, exhaust, stripping, etc.The more products there are, the greater the potential for cosmetic problems.

3. Nozzle mode

Determine the shape, size and exhaust direction of the main and branch channels.Hot runner mold cost is high, but the nozzle cost is saved.Each method has its pros and cons, depending on the user's choice.

4. Product demoulding

Determine the ejection mode and arrange the ejection pin position.The higher the ejection position, the higher the die cost.

The injection mold design also needs to consider the product shrinkage and injection time to determine the cooling or heating form and the location of the cooling channel.Considering the service life of the die, determine the hardness, thickness and size of the die material.And determine the shape of the resulting partial splitting and linear cutting structure.As long as the above steps in all aspects of a good combination, comprehensive analysis and balance, can effectively save costs.

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